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Application of cleaning for large power plant

Advanced cleaning technology of high pressure water jet has been adopted in using for cleaning air pre-heaters, cold water wall pipes, ash discharge pipelines in power plant. It achieved excellent cleaning performance.

No corrosion and damage to environment and material. The pre column, pressurized tower and atmospheric tower were cleaned by high power chemical cleaning pump station. No dead angle, no corrosion, fast speed, etc.. At present, the national coking enterprises up to tens of thousands, for gas cooling mostly use horizontal tube cooler. But in the long-term use of the process, due to the negative pressure of gas control errors, and gas impurities and other reasons, in the initial cooling shell formation of serious coal tar dirt. Serious coal tar fouling can block the tube bundle, seriously affect the gas cooling and gas flow. Nationally the problem is called intractable problem.


      Most of the gas cooler is horizontal tube type, shell side is closed, once blocked, cleaning is quite difficult.

      Major following problems:

  First, full closed, can not be manually cleaned.

  Two, shell for gas, a low flash point, can not guarantee the safety of.
  Three, the scale is generally large, solvent cleaning can be dissolved, but the cost is too high to accept.
  Four, the general chemical cleaning method has little effect.

  In summary, the cleaning of the gas cooler has been a problem.


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