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FS 22/50 BE Industrial Petrol High Pressure Washer
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FS22/50BE is an industrial high pressure washer powered by imported two-cylinder 27 HP petrol engine. It can be started by either an electric or a recoil starter, which greatly reduced worker’s labor intensity. A gearbox is installed in the pressure washer to reduce the rotational speed of crankshaft pump, which can not only extend the service life of sealing elements and pump head but also the duration of each operating time. Most impressively, it can remove stubborn dirt effectively in very harsh environment with its most powerful 500 bar and 1320 L/H water spray. 
FS22/50BE has many wonderful features including user-friendly and maintenance-friendly design, ideal for operating environment without electric power supply, and high mobility. 


* Imported two-cylinders petrol engine
Industrial-grade nickel-plated brass crankshaft pump
Ignition battery 
High-capacity petrol tank
Imported pressure regulating valve
Inlet water filter
Stainless steel anti-seismic pressure gauge
Disassemble-friendly inlet water nozzle
Heavy-duty welded steel frame
Heavy-duty pneumatic tires
1.2 meter stainless safety spray lance
15 meters industrial-grade high pressure hose 
Fan-shaped spray nozzle
0°spray nozzle

  Product Applications

1.Municipal area cleaning and mantainance
2.Graffiti removal and street cleaning and maintenance
3.Plaza and residential district cleaning
4.Agricultural and animal husbandry industry
5.Construction industry 

Engine model Two-cylinder petrol engine

Maximum water inlet temperature (℃)

Maximum flow rate (L/H) 1320

Engine power (HP)


Maximum pressure (Bar/Mpa/Psi) 500/50/7250

Pump rotational speed (RPM)


Dimensions(L*W*H) (mm) 1200*890*905 

Weight (Kg)