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FS 21/35 EX Industrial Anti-Explosion High Pressure Washer
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FS21/35 EX is an industrial anti-explosion high-pressure washer with high explosion proof feature, and it can be operated in places where explosive gases might present. However, it can not be operated in coal mine due to safety issue. Our clients can choose B or C class anti-explosion configuration for this pressure washer according to their operating environment. 
FS21/35 EX has received C class explosion-proof certification. 


* Intelligent electronic control box 
Patented coupler
Anti-explosion low speed electric motor
High-precision industrial-grade nickel-plated brass crankshaft pump
Pressure regulating valve
High-capacity stainless steel water tank
High-density inlet water filter
Stainless steel anti-seismic pressure gauge
Heavy-duty welded steel frame
Heavy-duty pneumatic tires
Easy disassemble inlet water nozzle
Imported industrial-grade spray gun handle
1 meter stainless steel water spray lance
Fan-shaped spray nozzle
10 meters industrial-grade high pressure resistant hose

  Product Applications

1.Large Chemical production corporation  
2.Offshore oil drilling platform
3.Pharmaceutical manufacturing factory
4.Warehouse with high anti-explosion requirement

Supply voltage (Ph/V/Hz) 3/400/50

Maximum inlet water temperature (℃)

Maximum flow rate (L/H) 1260

Pump speed  (RPM)


Maximum pressure (Bar/Mpa/Psi) 350/35/5075

Machine weight (Kg)


Connected load (KW)  15

Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm)