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FS 15/50 Industrial Electric High Pressure Washer
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FS15/50 is an industrial electric high pressure washer. Its compact, user-friendly and innovative design guarantee excellent maneuverability and mobility, and its most powerful 500 bar water spray can handle different kinds of challenging cleaning task very well. In general, FS15/50 is absolutely a cost-effective pressure washer with incredible cleaning efficiency and outcome. 
The design of the combination of reduced speed industrial motor and nickel-plated brass crankshaft pump in this pressure washer guarantee no pressure drop for a long period of continuous operation and 10 years’ service life. 


* Intelligent electronic control box (cushioned start) 
Low speed electric motor
Patented coupler
High-precision industrial-grade nickel-plated brass crankshaft pump
Imported pressure regulating valve
Imported safety device
Double pressure switch
High-density inlet water filter
Stainless steel anti-seismic pressure gauge
Heavy-duty welded steel frame
Heavy-duty pneumatic tires
Disassemble-friendly inlet water nozzle
Imported industrial-grade spray gun handle
1.2 meter stainless steel spray lance
Fan-shaped water spray nozzle
0 degree water spray nozzle
10 meters industrial-grade high pressure hose

  Product Applications

1.Cement production plant cleaning 
2.Concrete cleaning and roughening in construction site
3.Large transportation tools surface cleaning and interior cleaning during maintenance period  
4.Casting surface sand cleaning 
5.Steamship surface paint and rust cleaning
6.Heat exchanger and condenser daily cleaning and unclogging 
7.Automobile factory floor and equipment cleaning 

Supply voltage (Ph/V/Hz)
Connected load (KW) 
Maximum flow rate (L/H)
900 Pump speed  (RPM)
Maximum pressure (Bar/Mpa/Psi)
Machine weight (Kg)
Maximum inlet water temperature (℃)
60 Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)