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Series Of Ultra High Pressure Wash Jet
The forest environmental protection environmental science and technology enterprises is a research and development, production and sales of high-pressure cleaning equipment and complete sets of personalized cleaning technology solutions. The company focused on the 15 years of high pressure water jet cleaning equipment segments China, application technology through the experience of fifteen years of accumulation, strengthen the research and optimization of products, transformation and development now has a strong independent research and development, production and sales capacity of environmental science and Technology Industrial Company, and has made remarkable achievements in the independent intellectual property rights.

High pressure water jet technology co independent research and development, the highest pressure up to 250 bar, widely used in various fields.

Product application:
▲The automobile painting workshop grille board, skid, cleaning system
▲The chemical reaction kettle storage tank cleaning
▲The condenser, heat exchanger cleaning
▲The concrete building restoration project
▲The metallurgical industry of steel surface descaling
▲The paper roll, paper cloth cleaning
▲The hull surface paint and stain removing