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Currently , all series of high pressure washers from FUSSEN have passed the international CE certification;Fussen environmental protection technology co., LTD. is a company which focus on research and development, production and sales of industrial environmental protection cleaning equipment .Fussen provide complete sets of solutions for custom cleaning.

In the past 16 years, the company constantly learn the foreign advanced technology and management mode to strengthen the further research and development, the optimization of products. Fussen has produced a series of dynamic high pressure cleaner at international advanced level, fuel type high pressure cleaner and ultrahigh pressure water jet cleaning machine, can be widely used in the industries like municipal sanitation, property cleaning, automobile manufacture, steel smelting and petroleum chemical industry, ship manufacturing, railways, electricity etc..

In 2010, the company passed the ISO9001 certification management system, advanced management system promoted the development of mass production of FUSSEN high pressure washers and the development of the total company.
Currently , all series of high pressure washers from FUSSEN have passed the international CE certification; Design of appearance has obtained national patent; Meanwhile, FUSSEN is the only company which pass the certification of explosion-proof in national center authority in China. The explosion-proof grade is Exde Ⅱ CT4;Compared with followers and imitators ,stability and advancement as well as intelligence of the control system in Fussen is leading the cleaning industry worldwide . Currently , a series of washer is identified as high-tech product in Guangdong province, 9 patents of utility model and 3 patents of appearance.

On July 8, 2016, as a national small and medium-sized enterprises ,Guangzhou Fussen environmental protection technology co., LTD formally became a listed stock company. Fussen stock code is 837991,As the first public listed company in cleaning industry , Fussen is going towards a new stage.

In 2016, Fussen set up customer experience centers in wuhan, hangzhou, jinan .
In the form of group which fully cover the national market , Fussen provides customers with more high-quality products and convenient service, Whatever the environment is , our products and service can provide the market with incomparable expressive influence, FUSSEN can provide professional industrial solutions.We provide not only is the world's top cleaning equipment, but also the cleaning concept of environmental protection and science.We will do our utmost to strengthen support for pre-sales, after-sales service and the system construction to solve your problem quickly.


Invest in the establishment of high-pressure water jet technology research and development center, open up a new mode of school-enterprise cooperation and industry-education integration technology research and development.


It is recognized by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology as Guangdong Ultra-high pressure Water Jet cleaning Intelligent equipment Engineering and Technology Research Center.


Successfully landed on the new third board and listed on the stock market, and identified it as a high-tech enterprise.


FUSSEN high pressure cleaning machine has passed international CE certification.


Through ISO9001 management certification system, ISO14001 environmental management system.


The technology and application field of ultra-high pressure water jet are studied.


The products cover the national high-end market of high-pressure cleaning machines.


Independent research and development of electric high-pressure cleaning machine, fuel high-pressure cleaning machine.


Establishment of the company.
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