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Create Value with Water Power
Fussen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2001, stands at the forefront of high-tech innovation, specializing in advanced high-pressure water jet technologies. Our twenty-plus years of rich experience underpin a legacy of embracing global advancements and fostering synergistic partnerships with leading universities, propelling us to the vanguard of ultra-high-pressure water jet development.

Our product range serves a broad spectrum of sectors, encompassing construction, sanitation, and manufacturing, among others. We deliver robust engineering solutions, including high-pressure water jet cleaning, precision spraying, and concrete cutting and demolition.
Since 2010, our commitment to excellence has been affirmed by ISO9001 management certification, a testament to our products' adherence to the highest industrial benchmarks. Our high-pressure washers carry the CE mark of quality, and our proprietary intelligent control system sets new industry standards in both stability and intelligence. We take pride in being the inaugural high-pressure washer enterprise to be listed on the New Third Board in China, a recognition complemented by our portfolio of multiple national patents. At Fussen, we are relentless in our pursuit of revolutionizing cleaning technology. 

We meticulously select premium European materials to engineer solutions that excel across diverse operational conditions. Our dedication is matched by our commitment to tailor-made pressure washers and solutions that not only fulfill but exceed customer expectations. We are driven by a singular philosophy: Create Value with Water Power..


Invest in the establishment of high-pressure water jet technology research and development center, open up a new mode of school-enterprise cooperation and industry-education integration technology research and development.


It is recognized by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology as Guangdong Ultra-high pressure Water Jet cleaning Intelligent equipment Engineering and Technology Research Center.


Successfully landed on the new third board and listed on the stock market, and identified it as a high-tech enterprise.


FUSSEN high pressure cleaning machine has passed international CE certification.


Through ISO9001 management certification system, ISO14001 environmental management system.


The technology and application field of ultra-high pressure water jet are studied.


The products cover the national high-end market of high-pressure cleaning machines.


Independent research and development of electric high-pressure cleaning machine, fuel high-pressure cleaning machine.


Establishment of the company.
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