High-pressure cleaning machine safety: is high-pressure cleaning machine dangerous?

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At first glance, the high-pressure cleaning machine in operation does not look so dangerous. After all, it's just a current, though it's more powerful than an ordinary garden hose-right?


High-pressure cleaners-- like any other power tool in your garage-- can become dangerous if they are not used properly. Think about it: if a high-pressure cleaner can remove paint from the surface, imagine what it can do with exposed skin! If all you get is a bruise or wound, you're lucky. However, the strong spray of high-pressure cleaning machine is likely to inject water into the skin, which is very easy to cause deep infection.

As an enterprise, you are responsible for the safety of your employees and yourself. With this in mind, it is important to understand the safety of high-pressure cleaners before attempting to use high-pressure cleaners without experience.

Read on to learn more about the potential dangers of using high-pressure cleaners and, more importantly, how to prevent serious injury or damage.

Is the high-pressure cleaner dangerous?
The short answer is yes, high-pressure cleaners can be dangerous. But the question you should really ask is, how dangerous are high-pressure cleaners?

High-pressure cleaners can be as dangerous as any other power tool, but they are certainly not as harmful as chainsaws. However, this does not reduce their risk. At the very least, being hit by a spray from a high-pressure cleaner can cause minor bruises or wounds on the skin. In worse cases, however, pressurized water can seep into the depths of the skin and where it should not be, leading to infection. Suppose your eyes are sprayed-you may be at risk of permanent blindness.

We say all this not to scare you, but to make you aware of the reality of using high-pressure cleaners.

At first glance, these types of deep tissue damage may not seem like a big deal, which may increase the risk of not seeking medical help until it is too late. In the absolute worst case, the injury caused by a high-pressure cleaning machine where water eventually goes deep into the skin can lead to disability or even amputation.

Under what pressure is a high-pressure cleaner dangerous?
In order to be able to use high-pressure cleaners safely, you must know that high-pressure cleaners can become dangerous pressure levels. More specifically, you need to know that water jets can penetrate the pounds per square inch (psi) level of the outer layer of the skin, or 1160 psi.

General cleaning applications require a pressure of 1500 to 1900 psi. High-pressure cleaners that can emit pressures of 1500 to 1900 psi are considered "light". In other words, an ordinary high-pressure cleaner with a "slight" spray is strong enough to cause serious injury if you are not careful.

Having said that, imagine how much damage higher psi levels would cause (high-pressure cleaners can reach 3300 + psi! ). In any case, it is important to practice the safety of a proper high-pressure cleaner under any pressure.

When it comes to weight measurement units, please refer to this guide to find out how many water pressure measurement units are required for different types of applications! Safety tips for high-pressure cleaning machines.
Before you try to use a high-pressure cleaner, please pay attention to the following important safety tips to minimize the risk of accidents:

Know how to use a high-pressure cleaner before using it.
Before you come into contact with the actual machine, you must understand the correct high-pressure cleaning machine technology. High-pressure cleaning machine is a very powerful tool, if not used properly, it is easy to cause serious injury and property damage. Therefore, if you have no experience, it is important to know how to use a high-pressure cleaner correctly, at least in theory.

Professional tip: watch video tutorials on how to use a high-pressure washer, preferably using the same type of washer you own. You can use a large number of online resources to learn before trying to use a high-pressure cleaner.

Once you know what needs to be done, you can begin to practice using a high-pressure cleaner at a low psi. Set the high-pressure cleaner at the lowest psi it can reach, and then gradually improve as you learn how to manipulate the nozzle correctly. In any case, you should work in abandoned areas where the risk of personal injury or property loss is low.

Wear personal protective equipment.
When using a high-pressure cleaner, be sure to wear clothes that cover the skin, such as trousers and long-sleeved shirts. Similarly, wear shoes that cover the entire foot; work boots with metatarsal protection are the best choice, but ordinary sneakers are fine as long as they are thick enough.

The protection of eyes and ears is also absolutely necessary. Wear goggles to protect your eyes from fog and other particles, and to prevent accidents caused by things flying into your eyes. If you are using a pneumatic pressure cleaner, its sound may be very loud, please do not forget to wear ear protectors.

It is also recommended to wear waterproof safety gloves to protect your hands in case they accidentally block the pressurized spray. Waterproof gloves also prevent your hands from getting wet, minimizing the risk of losing your grip on the nozzle gun.

Clean the area before spraying.
The strong water spray of high-pressure cleaning machine will not only pose a threat to human beings, but also pose a threat to inanimate objects. That is, always be sure to clean up the area before you start working. Remove any obstacles that may interfere with the spray; cover the windows; block the sidewalk (if you are working in a public area) and cover the surrounding green space with a tarp if necessary.

Never point your wand at anyone.
How dangerous is the high pressure cleaner? It's so dangerous that you should treat your high-pressure washer stick like a gun! Do not aim it at anyone or anything you do not intend to clean. When the water is off, always point the wand down and keep your finger away from the trigger.

Do not use pneumatic cleaners in enclosed spaces.
Pneumatic high-pressure cleaners emit smoke when burning fuel to generate electricity. Therefore, it is only suitable for outdoor use. If you try to operate a pneumatic cleaner in an enclosed space, carbon monoxide may stay indoors and you will be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. If the cleaning work needs to be carried out indoors, please use an electric high-pressure cleaner instead.

Cover the power outlet.
Be sure to check and cover the power outlet before cleaning an area. You already know what happens if you accidentally spray water into it.

Start with a wide nozzle.
All high pressure cleaners are equipped with 3 to 4 nozzles. The nozzle with the widest angle is a 40-degree nozzle, which emits a mild water fan on the surface. The smallest and strongest nozzles are zero-degree nozzles, which emit water the size of 1/4 coins. Whenever you work on a new surface, always start with a 40-degree nozzle and then work down until you find a nozzle strong enough to get the job done.

Maintain your equipment correctly.
This is a safety tip that many business owners tend to forget. Correct maintenance is not only a necessary condition for saving the cost of high-pressure cleaning machine, but also important for the safety of people who use it.

For example, poorly maintained high-pressure cleaners have a higher risk of failure, which can lead to accidents. If you unfortunately cause an accident, you have a legal obligation to pay for the loss and medical expenses, because it is your responsibility as a business owner to maintain the machine. If your employees are injured, they are also entitled to work-related injury compensation.

The final idea about the safety of high-pressure cleaning machine.
With all the points we have put forward here, you should be able to understand how important it is to take all the necessary safety precautions when using high-pressure cleaners. Don't put your employees, yourself and your business at risk-always put safety first!

More importantly, invest in state-of-the-art industrial high-pressure cleaners with all the functions needed to improve user safety. With the reliable equipment of the Fusun high-pressure cleaner, you don't have to worry about spraying hot water everywhere for no reason-or your electric high-pressure cleaner may suddenly break down. As long as you do your part to maintain your machine, you can rest assured that the Fusen high-pressure cleaner will remain fully functional and safe in the next few years.

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