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High-pressure cleaning machine using FUSSEN micro-drawing machine to keep industrial equipment clean and hygienic

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The manufacturer needs to keep the processing equipment in normal working order to avoid unnecessary and costly failures. In addition, keeping your facilities clean will ensure that your operations comply with all government regulations. FUSSEN miniature plucking machine pressure cleaner is the perfect add-on to manufacturing facilities to keep the equipment clean and sterilized.

FUSSEN mini plucking machine keeps your factory clean.
Cleanliness is critical to the operational efficiency and cost control of the factory. Uncontrolled debris, grease and dust can quickly clog sensitive processing equipment, leading to maintenance delays and downtime. Installing FUSSEN high-pressure cleaners as part of the production workflow gives you the upper hand in dirt and dirt. FUSSEN, learn more about our high-pressure cleaning machines for manufacturing.

Electric high pressure cleaning machine.
There are many models to choose from, and you are sure to find a FUSSEN high-pressure cleaner that suits your needs. We have a variety of industrial grade diesel, gasoline and electric washing machines for you to choose from. The electric model does not emit exhaust gas and is very suitable for indoor use. They are also quieter than fuel-powered models.

The advantages of high-pressure water gun: high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, labor saving.
1. There is no need to level and hang the net according to the traditional method, so as to save material labor, time and labor.
two。. Can effectively break the surface cement paste layer, can make cement paste, ceramic tile glue better infiltration into the wall, to achieve permanent; and because of water, can play the role of maintaining the wall and cleaning the wall surface.
3. Avoid secondary leakage, no more empty drum, cracking, shedding and other problems, no need to rework.
4. After brushing treatment, the dust particles are washed away, the surface is clean and rough, and the bonding strength of waterproof coating is more guaranteed, creating permanent brick working surface.
5. The experimental results show that when the ceramic tile adhesive is used after plucking, the drawing fracture layer appears inside the ceramic tile or between the ceramic tile and the ceramic tile glue, and has no effect on the wall.
6. The working efficiency of high-pressure water drawing is several times that of other processes, which can fully meet the requirements of interspersed construction, saving and efficient.

Customized solution.
We can customize the equipment to meet your needs so that you can integrate in-plant cleaning into the production process. For example, natural gas-driven pressure cleaners can be installed to take advantage of existing fuel sources. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can reduce equipment failures and save labor by speeding up the cleaning process.

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