Hygienic operation of Fussen-electric high pressure cleaning machine

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Many times, people who run agricultural businesses think they have to make difficult decisions that they don't actually need to make. For example, if you mistakenly think that you have to decide whether to keep your property clean or follow a sustainable approach, then you have good news: cold water electric high-pressure cleaners can meet your needs at the same time.

Low resource consumption makes the use of cold water electric high pressure cleaners sustainable.
Most people wash in cold water-for good reason. This is the best way to make the environment as clean as possible as soon as possible. The same is true for the use of cold water electric high-pressure cleaners. If you use cold water, you will clean the surface area faster than using a cold water electric high pressure cleaner.

How much faster? According to a test we conducted with the Clean Technology Institute, cold water reduces cleaning time by an average of 40%. When the surface is greasy or greasy, the cleaning efficiency of cold water is four times that of cold water. This means a 75% reduction in cleaning time.

Use cold water to remove surfaces faster.
Cold water not only cleans the surface faster, but also dries faster. Some surfaces, such as some types of floors, must be 100% dry for employees or customers to walk on them. If you wash them with cold water, they will be much faster than washing with cold water. This is true no matter how it looks, whether it's the side of your property or the handle of a van.

Use the right Fusen electric high-pressure cleaner to use less water.
When you use the correct Fusen high-pressure cleaner to complete the work, you will use less water. Why? Because the faster you clean, the faster you clean, the less water you use. Considering that, on average, cold water high pressure cleaners save about 106 kg of water for every 264 kg of water needed.

Use the right Fusen high-pressure cleaner to use less energy.
Just as the shorter the time you use the washer, the less water you use and the less energy you use. This is true whether you are using a gasoline high-pressure cleaner or an electric high-pressure cleaner. Using the right high-pressure cleaner can reduce expenses and carbon footprint.

Use fewer chemicals.
Usually, dirt and other dirt can be removed by using only cold water. If you want to disinfect and disinfect, you will want to use a product for it, but still-reducing clean chemicals is a step in the right direction. Guangzhou Fusen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, is a research and development, production and sales of industrial environmental cleaning equipment, animal husbandry cleaning equipment and provide complete sets of customized technology solutions.

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